An Innovation Agency

UM Technologies, LLC (UM Tech) is an innovation agency which leverages business, user experience (UX) and software design to intentionally create disruptive software enabled solutions which create business value and engaging customer experiences, with the goal of creating meaningful change in the business landscape.

Founded in 2014 as a joint venture between four technology firms that each had their own niche offering, today UM Tech offers a full suite of professional services that help organizations strategize and grow through innovative IT solutions.

To accomplish this, we help firms uncover unmet needs, behaviors, and desires; and design strategies and solutions and experiences that satisfy those needs.

By doing this, we grow our customers brands, while providing value to the end users of their solutions, all while creating lasting and meaningful change in the business landscape.

Industries We Serve

  • Energy & Utilities

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Logistics

  • Finance

  • Government

  • Real Estate

  • Data Record Storage

  • Healthcare

  • Global Manufacturers

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