Designing Effective Energy Management Software

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Energy software for regulated markets is a pretty new innovation and foreign to many people. If we were going to design the most effective energy management software in the nation, we knew we would need to invest in lots of research and design. Being in such a new and burgeoning industry, innovative management and organizational methods were vital to the success of the platform.

So how were we able to distinguish ourselves as a top energy software design company? Through research. Conducting user research across different energy teams helped provide valuable insight that we could use to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the data presented.

Building Trust for Effective Energy Management Software

Talking to our customers is key, whether they are energy suppliers, brokers, or business owners. Understanding their needs, pain-points, and desires, helps to improve design outcomes and UX. Once these insights are organized and assessed, we can then begin to design based off of real-life user needs. This data also allows us to uncover trends and discover what is most important to our customers in our design.

User Feedback for Effective Energy Management Software

Making a connection with your users instills a sense of trust that can strengthen a relationship if done right. This helps to elevate your brand and increase word-of-mouth advertising of your software. The more people that use your software, whether its EnergyAuctions or the Supplier Admin Portal, the better the energy management platform can work for all parties. This starts by creating new and innovative features that address the frustrations and desires of users to help make them happy.

Effective energy management software (and any software, really) begins when we take the step to talk to the people using it. Addressing their concerns and frustrations will help to build trust and confidence between you and the customer, improving your relationship. With this feedback, you can constantly improve your products and thus your bottom line.

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