Energy Broker Solutions for Business Performance

At UM Tech, energy software is our specialty. Our software offers brokers a streamlined approach to handling their clients’ energy management needs. From managing contracts to bidding on energy pricing to utility tracking, our tools help our energy brokers handle every part of the energy data management process.

But we realize that investments need to translate to performance, which is why we’ve created a data-driven platform will all of the necessary KPI’s to help you track all of your energy management needs. For a greater overview, check out what we can offer your business below.

Our Energy Broker Solutions

UM Tech offers a great number of applications that analyze energy and business data to help brokers manage their business and their clients’ energy needs. Our energy analysis software suite includes:

  • The Contract Management Portal (CMP) helps brokers manage sales and customer contracts. With the CMP, brokers can easily manage all pertinent business functions such as leads, contracts, and sales performance.
  • The Supplier Admin Portal (SAP) helps brokers manage pricing opportunities, contracts with suppliers on behalf of customers, and provides necessary documentation exchange so that brokers can assist suppliers in performing their due diligence with ease.
  • EnergyAuctions (EA) is an open, transparent, and auditable reverse auction platform. It helps brokers easily understand how the pricing will impact their budgets through real-time analysis of the bids.
  • UtilityModule (UM) helps brokers manage their energy data through utility tracking and intelligent budgeting.
  • Business Intelligence Portal (BIP) supports brokers in managing all aspects of their businesses. From portfolio management to sales performance, BIP is the ultimate data management and analysis tool for the energy brokerage industry.

The Value in Using Our Solutions

Not only will our energy broker solutions save time and money, but they will also deliver the best possible energy management experience for both brokers and clients alike. All client account information is housed in a single location, making account information quickly and easily accessible.

Beyond this, we offer proprietary insights designed to make your energy data more proactive. With our energy management suite, you can assist clients in everything from pricing opportunities to budgeting. Best of all, our products even offer features to track your revenue and sales leads, making your business more efficient and performance-based in the process.

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For more information about how UM Tech’s suite of energy management products can benefit your business, contact us today!

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