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UM Technologies was founded in 2014, as a spinoff of Northeast PA based Taylor Consulting, which is one of the largest energy management companies in the US. UM Tech owns and operates a suite of energy systems that have been white-labeled and are being sold nationally to utilities, energy suppliers, consultants and large energy consumers. In November 2014, Scott Stiner, the CEO and President of UM Technologies, acquired a controlling interest in Software Engineering Associates, Hydro4GE and TR Technology Solutions. The family of companies all share resources and collaborate to service clients across many industries and product lines.

What products or services do you offer? How do they benefit your clients?

The family of companies offers custom software programming, managed IT services, hardware sales and a robust line of subscription services to proprietary systems. Clients range from healthcare, insurance, government, education, retail and many others. Our deliverables have now expanded to database design, custom coding, designing customer facing portals, e-marketing, document processing and subscription services. The net impact to our clients has been a reduction in process inefficiencies as well as increased productivity and sales – including savings in long term system maintenance, operations and IT budget dollars.

What sets your business apart in the industry?

UM Tech has become a market leader in energy based software products and similarly SEA and Hydro4GE in their respective markets. Company developed products such as EnergyAuctions, UtilityModule, Pario and others have all been unique and innovative, and continue to be the most successful and fastest growing lines in their industries. The objective will be to aggressively market these platforms and raise the awareness of UM Tech through aggressive sales and marketing. Within three months of its wholesale platform release, UM Tech executed contracts to increase its market share by 300% with more significant deals being negotiated.

What does your business hope to accomplish in 2015?

All the companies have targeted 2015 as a high growth year and will be expanding significantly throughout key markets. Our Northeast PA offices will be supporting contracts with both U.S. and international customers. The companies are rapidly expanding and actively recruiting local programmers, IT professionals, salespeople and support staff to be part of expansion.

Is there something about your company or what you do that would surprise our readers?

Based on the development of EnergyAuctions and UtilityModule, In 2009, Taylor won a nationwide RFP from the City of Boston to create Boston Buying Power, a citywide energy buying pool run by the Mayor’s office. A couple years later, Taylor won a similar RFP by the City of Philadelphia to create Philly Buying Power. This model has been duplicated by associations, Fortune 500 companies and other cities across the country.

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