The User Experience of Energy Management

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Private utility management companies are somewhat of a new concept. Energy deregulation is only available in certain states and much of the industry remains in its infancy.

On the same note, energy management as a service and energy analysts have come into high demand as consumers continue to choose better alternatives for their energy supplier. UM Tech helps by creating software solutions that better aid energy management customers. We accomplish this by attempting to understand and analyze the user experience of managing energy contracts.

We strive to actively listen to energy management customers and suppliers to better understand their roles in the end-to-end journey as users of our energy management software. We’ve used these insights to build a number of extremely successful energy software applications, including UtilityModule, EnergyAuctions, Supplier Admin Portal, Business Intelligence Portal, and the Contract Management Portal.

Analyzing how our clients interact with our software helps us uncover innovative ways to continually improve upon our products. Fully maximizing the user experience of our products is a top priority of UM Tech.

We regularly conduct interviews to obtain feedback from our energy customers to discover what they want and need from our products. We also host usability tests and conduct other UX research to better understand how our products are received. Only then can we scale them to make them more suitable for brokerages, suppliers and the burgeoning energy procurement market.

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