UM Tech on 2015 TEPA Panel

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Scott Stiner, CEO of UM Technologies, will be on the TEPA Technology Panel in 2015. TEPA considers UM Tech to be one of the top five most highly recognized technology companies in the retail energy realm. Innovative energy software and customer facing technologies have allowed UM Tech to become a reliable face in the energy sector, where many advancements and improvements in energy tracking, efficiency and benchmarking tools have become a hot commodity.

The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA) was established in 2005 and comprised of independent energy aggregators, brokers, suppliers, resellers and consultants, all of which are seeking the advancement of fair deregulated energy markets.

With more than 200 independent member companies and over 500 energy market professionals, TEPA provides members with a neutral forum where the industry can come together to network and share experiences and ideas in order to help improve the energy industry.