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UM Tech’s utility tracking software, UtilityModule, helps brokers empower their customers to make informed energy management decisions that improve their bottom line. In turn, this strengthens the partnership between businesses and energy brokers by improving brokers’ quality of service and product offerings.

UM is essentially an energy analytics software that helps businesses better manage their energy needs through a multitude of functions.

UtilityModule (UM) Features:

  • Budget Creation – Create budgets for the upcoming year
  • Budget Tracking – Track usage and cost against budgets
  • Expenses – Track costs of utilities – electric, natural gas, steam, water, and sewer
  • Notifications – Receive notifications if energy usage or costs exceed a defined threshold
  • Contract Management – View and track supplier contracts
  • Invoice Management – View and track invoices from suppliers and utility companies
  • Benchmarking – Comply with EPA energy benchmarking requirements in cities like Washington D.C., New York, Boston, Cambridge, Philadelphia

These features come in an easy-to-use energy analytics dashboard that provides organized visualizations of cost and usage data which would be difficult to understand otherwise.

UtilityModule (UM)

Our utility bill auditing software helps businesses save money by properly tracking their energy cost and usage against their set budget and other externalities.

For brokers, utility bill management software ensures that they properly record and track both supplier invoices and customer contracts, so they never miss a payment or service again. By using UM Tech’s energy management software, UtilityModule, brokers can empower their customers to make more informed energy management decisions, save money, meet benchmarking requirements, and promote sustainability.

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