What is Design Thinking?

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Building management system software is quite difficult and requires us to think creatively in solving age old problems. As an energy software company, our goal is to create desirable software that solves user problems and is easy to use. To accomplish these goals, we use design thinking.

What is Design Thinking?

Design thinking has become quite the buzzword within the tech space, especially in the last year or so. The term was coined by Tim Brown, CEO of the innovation and design firm IDEO. It primarily focuses on shifting thought processes in large corporations to think more creatively when it comes to problem solving. According to Brown, thinking like a designer can transform the way we develop products, services, processes, and even strategy.

So, how do you implement design thinking? Approach a problem differently and think like a web or software designer. Instead of tackling a problem from a more logical route, think of other aspects of the business that could benefit from a design solution. This includes everything from microscopic elements that lead to micro-interactions, to simply swapping out a color scheme to create a better display for customers.

Companies like IBM have implemented the concept of design thinking into their processes to become more willing to explore and discover various ways of solving a problem. Considering the amount of fervor around design thinking, many companies swear by the idea and its results.

Design Thinking Methodology

Design thinking is more than just a problem-solving process, – it’s an opportunity for companies to take an honest look at their systems and begin to challenge existing structures in an open and constructive way. Using empathy, experimentation, and active listening, companies can come up with innovative solutions based on new approaches grounded in research and customer feedback.

Using divergent thinking, designers can explore all the possible effects of an intended solution and then narrow down the results for the best path forward. Breaking down walls within large companies can lead to countless insights and significant progress towards better design solutions.


The design thinking process is challenging the way companies approach problem solving across their hierarchy. Whether you believe design thinking is just a buzzword or a systematic way to change the way a company operates, it is a term that is pushing the idea that better design leads to better solutions and impressive results. At UM Tech, it has helped us to create better energy software, such as our state-of-the-art energy platforms, UtilityModule and EnergyAuctions.