Women Leaders in NEPA

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Karen Tomaine, CEO of Taylor Consulting and Contracting since its inception in 2004, and general counsel with UM Technologies, is an inspiring example of a tech-based entrepreneur who recognizes opportunity and seizes it. As an entrepreneur, Tomaine enjoys the vigorous challenges and obstacles of daily business. Playing a primary role in both Taylor and UM Tech’s survival, she places stern focus on the administration of the company’s legal matters, human resources, contract administration, licensing and accounting functions.

Prior to establishing Taylor, Tomaine was a labor attorney with the Department of Army for 16 years and has been a practicing attorney for over 25 years, holding a law degree from the Dickinson School of Law as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree from Marywood University.

In March 2015, Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal has selected Tomaine to share her experience in a special “Women leaders in NEPA” publication. This isn’t the first time Tomaine was selected to share her success as she was selected in 2010 to the Northeast Business Journal’s Top 25 Women in Business.